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    @HKH191 suit lods fine and everything looks great but when i draw a weapon of any kindd my game freezes up.....any idea what this could be?

    wrzesień 08, 2019
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    Also changed the horizontal recoil to false. While it is a great idea for realism I found it broke the mechanics of shooting while driving completely in the game. I never did try after i tweaked my .ini setting mind you so maybe I'm wrong! ..... Fyi ya'll this goes into your plugin folder and if you don't know what that is you should stick to vanilla GTA 5 lol.

    wrzesień 07, 2019
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    hey great mod. In my opinion the multipliers are a little broken given the 2h nature of most weapons and x,y hand co-ordinates etc. With some tweaking i did though (for me personally) its perfect! Thanks for the effort!
    NOTE TO ALL : Editing the .ini file does work if you erase all the multiplier info after the recoil settings, AND change everything to a "0.00" system instead of the horrid commas. (not too sure why they're there)
    This is my current gunrecoil.ini file and i find it way more realistic to play.....harder,but way more realistic and fun,

    ;If enabled, the railgun shot will ragdoll you briefly.

    ;How strong is the force that'll push you back, You can fly from 10,0 upwards, just sayin'...

    ;If enabled, recoil will take into account the current gun tilt and behave accordingly.
    ;Gangsta style will have left sided recoil as a consequence, for example.

    ;All the recoil multipliers, in case you don't like my calcs.

    ;This is the base amount, in degrees, the screen will go up for anything that makes recoil.
    ;Then, the script will multiply or divide the value to account for context, described below.

    wrzesień 07, 2019