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    Got a bug to report. So I was at fort zanc testing the powers and I saw many of the same wings as what I had so I guess chicken hawks spawn there? But anyways I saw the giant flapping wings identical to my own and decided to use the laser eye attack where the bird would be if it wasn't invisible or whatever you guys did and It crashed my game, I opened GTA and did it again to test if it was a fluke and It crashed me again.

    styczeń 21, 2021
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    You should make some lore-friendly diesel pickup truck mods with like smoke stack options and stuff like that. I think that'd be pretty cool.

    styczeń 20, 2021
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    Got "[WARNING] Unable to resolve API version 3.1.0." in my SHVDN log and all the other scripts in my game load and run correctly. Checked the F4 and did ListScripts() to find that Advanced Persistence wasn't listed. I'm assuming I did something wrong on my end, lmk.

    styczeń 05, 2021
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    This might be fucked up, but the only thing that comes to mind looking at this is "And Welcome To Jackass"

    maj 09, 2020