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    @IAmJFry Awesome! Take your time!

    styczeń 17, 2020
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    @IAmJFry For sure! I'm using the better chases mod, so when i revive its right in the middle of police officers all ready to shoot me xD I'm using a workaround atm so no worries!

    styczeń 16, 2020
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    Welcome back!!!!
    Is there any way to allow the character to respawn in the hospital?

    styczeń 16, 2020
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    *EDIT, you should open the MrchaztaSmartFuelModSetting.lua file with NOTEPAD++
    *EDIT2, if you have an addon vehicle the settings are all the same and cannot be set independently unless you contact the author via email

    styczeń 15, 2020
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    Great Mod! For those of you wondering how to get the fuel to last longer, I would suggest opening up the settings file that comes with the mod.

    It looks something like this:
    smfp11=6 smfp21=35 smfp31=9 smfp41=9

    The first column is the fuel consumption rate, or how fast the fuel depletes.
    The second column is how much fuel the tank can hold, by the litre.
    Columns 3 and 4 are how much oil and transmission fluid the car can hold.

    Altogether amazing mod!

    I know its discontinued for the time being, but adding an option to edit GUI and hotkeys would be great!

    styczeń 15, 2020