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    FiveM user here, this mod crashes the game upon trying to spawn. The textures are split pretty nicely and there doesn't seem to be any large stream errors I can see from my server console. If you can fix this issue it would be greatly appreciated :)

    maj 12, 2021
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    @JDeezNutz FiveM user here, Most of the map is streaming okay on FiveM with the help of texture compression. However, "starkexterior.ydr" still seems to be too large to stream. I tried to compress the embedded textures in the .ydr but it seems like the compression won't be enough as some mesh files are still too large. In conclusion, without adding new objects, decreasing the size for "starkexterior.ydr" and compressing or splitting the ytd files should be enough to allow proper streaming for FiveM.

    maj 10, 2021