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    Any plans to implement a "group ride" multiplayer feature with a "keep everyone together" mode that would allow two users to ride together and explore from our respective homes? The use case I have in mind is my friend and I live far from each other and would like to install the mod to free-ride together remotely, and would love there to be a way to log into the same world and ride together on our respective smart trainers. We don't even care about having two characters displayed on screen, we would just want one rider to be a "leader" and the other player's trainer to see and whatever the the "leader" is experiencing, and experience the same resistance the other leader is experiencing. We plan to be on a vide-call with each other to explore the world. I think this would make us want to log in and use the mod to explore more than if we had to go at it alone.

    listopad 15, 2020