Pacific Bank Extreme Ped and Security Improvements


Pacific Bank Extreme Ped and Security Improvements
You hate when you just go to Pacific Bank and there's noone to kill?
Hate to wait different parts of the day for every other ped to spawn?
No fcking more!! hahahah
Here's my Hotline Miami 3 Movie video made with this mod in GTAV which will show you the best of my mod and everything in action:

Make your own movies, record you killing the shit out of them.
Enjoy it however you want.

1. Download Map Editor and install
2. Extract banka.zip into your game directory GTAV FOLDER
3. Start GTAV and open Map Editor with F7
4. Load map xml type
5. Type banka.xml and hit enter
6. Wait for it to load
7. Spawn there with any trainer and dont have mercy.

Theres my video movie made with this, my own mod, check out, like and subscribe. If you have any bugs, let me know, maybe will improve this mod.
You can use, and improve my mod share it wherever and do whatever you want with it I wont mind ofcourse.
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