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Project East Joshua adds a ton of trees to East Joshua Road and to a portion of Panorama Drive. As well as lighting up a portion of East Joshua Road. Future plans are to light up the remaining sections of Panorama Drive and add more trees to both roads.

--Project East Joshua v0.0.1--
- Trees to a portion of East Joshua Road and Panorama Drive
- Lights to East Joshua Road
- Speed Limit signs to East Joshua Road and Panorama Drive


How To Install! :

1.) custom_maps DLC

2.) OpenIV


Go to OpenIV after installing the custom_maps DLC and OpenIV:

mods -> update -> x64 -> dlcpacks -> custom_maps -> dlc.rpf -> x64 -> levels -> gta5 -> _citye ->
maps -> custom_maps.rpf

Place the provided Project East Joshua.ymap file in the above path.


Installation: *[Using Add-On Version]*
**ADD ON Version does NOT Require the custom_maps DLC link

Place the provided "ProjectEastJoshua" folder that is inside the Add On folder
into the path below:

mods -> update -> x64 -> dlcpacks

After that go to
mods -> update -> update.rpf -> common -> data

Add this line to the dlclist.xml file by right clicking on it and hitting "edit":


Changelog v0.0.2:
- Added an Add-On version (Requested by Benzo Effect) :-)
- Added more trees to East Joshua


Changelog v0.0.3:
- Added more Lights to Panorama Drive
- Removed lights for a more natural look (Suggested by Benzo)
- Added wood fences and lights around the Sandy Shores Airfield sign
- Added more trees but keep the natural look as best as possible



**This was made BY ME. DarKKlusteR. All rights belong to DarKKlusteR!!**
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