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Hello again!
This is my second map mod, it adds "Mother Base", an oil rig in front of Los Santos dock. hope you will like it!
Please read carefully below!


  • For low-end pc user, be sure to clear everything in Map Editor before loading this map because it is big!
  • For some reasons I ignore, if you are at location X and you load the map, there will be some missing part. So be sure to go to Los Santos dock and then load the file.
    PS: It may takes a while to load..
  • For low-end pc user, avoid going to the rig when the weather is "foggy" because you will face a huge frame rate drop. I suggest to use any trainer to freeze the weather.
  • Upgrade ScriptHookV to the latest version.

Changelog 3.0
- Made the platform larger:
- Two more smaller rigs on the left and right.
- A harbor in the back with pipeline - for the petrol :p -
- A bit larger second roof: Two more helipad.
- Removed the bridge for performance's sake. (I will make it larger in future releases and add more props)
- Removed the marine's place. (I may add it later in future release)
- Removed all cars except two forklift.
- Modified ped's location and removed some. (Will add more in future releases)
- Added one helicopter.

PS: There is two folders in the archive: The 2.5 version (the smaller platform with the bridge) and the current one.

Changelog 2.5
- Second floor is larger: Skylift spawned on the helipad + new helipad (empty to land there!) + containers.
- Rig entrance improvement. You can now park easily(not that easy:P)a truck even with a trailer!
- Added stair and steps to access the middle tower's maintenance site and roof. (Access from the crane's top near it. If you look up you will see a kind of white balcony connecting to it.)
- Added two vehicles, removed one.
- Removed the dogs because for some reason sometimes they spawn far from the entrance.
- Bridge improvement: Moved some of the barriers more to the edge to give space for large vehicle.
- Minor changes and improvement to the rig.

There is a new screenshot to show you the new back and second floor.
If you have any suggestions please let me know.

Changelog 2.0:
- Added 154 peds.
- Added about 100 more props.(A few minor modification on the rig)
- Added a small dock near the ocean's entrance (It's a bit tricky to park because of the waves)
- Added a helicopter crash on the bridge.

  1. Copy "rig.xml" from the archive to your GTAV root's folder
  2. Low end PC user, It's better to clear any other map before proceeding.(F7- new map)
  3. Go to Los Santos Dock (check screenshot)
  4. Load the map by clicking F7 - load map - type in "rig"

Basically if you follow all the steps nothing will go wrong, if anyone faces any issue please let me know.
If someone can make a mod for this rig like some extra heist missions on it it will be cool.

Please if you make any videos, put at least the mod link of gta5-mods

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