Two small Meth places [SP / FiveM] 2.0

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This mod contains 2 ymap files (one "collecting" and one "processing" spot), because I mainly I aimed the mod to be used for FiveM servers. But of course you can use it in Singleplayer, too!
This map was made with Codewalker.


FiveM: Just drag and drop the "station1" and/or "station2" folders in your servers resources folder. Don't forget to add it to your server config with "start station1" and "start station2".

Singleplayer (if you already installed custom_maps, only do step 5):
1. Download Menyoo2YMAP (https://de.gta5-mods.com/tools/mapeditor-2-ymap-converter) and extract the zip file
2. Inside the Menyoo2YMAP folder, open "Example DLC Pack"
3. Now open OpenIV and navigate to GTAV->mods->update->x64->dlcpacks
4. Drop the "custom_maps" from Menyoo2YMAP folder into "dlcpacks"
5. Now go to GTAV->mods->update->x64->dlcpacks->custom_maps->dlc.rpf->x64->levels->gta5->_citye->maps->custom_maps.rpf and drop the ymap files from my zip into there
6. Navigate to GTAV->mods->update->update.rpf->common->data and find your dlclist.xml. Right click and edit it.
7. Last, you add the line "(Item)dlcpacks:/custom_maps/(/Item)" (replace the brackets with ">") at the bottom of the list (above the line "(/Paths)")
8. You're done! Now you can start GTA and it will load the ymaps.

If you have any questions remaining, feel free to Join my Discord server!

Have fun!
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