USG Ishimura from Dead Space [SP/FiveM] 1.0

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- Welcome to USG Ishimura! -

Though this is a map mod, the prop can be used as any purpose like a movie prop -- as I made it a single prop.
Ishimura can be found above (and near) the Sandy Shores.

The features that are not so feature:
  • Dead blue emiisive textures
  • Fine embedded collision
  • Embedded 4 level LODs

Notice that the "wrong" object scale is not a bug, if you want to upscale it then do it yourself :0

  • SP/storymode version
  1. Grab all the things in the SP archive to /mods/update/x64/dlcpacks/
  2. Add a line "dlcpacks:/USGishimura/" in mods/update/update.rpf/common/data/dlclist.xml
  3. Just like how you install the others!

  • FiveM version
  1. Grab all the things in the FIVEM archive to your prefer server resource folder
  2. Add a line "ensure USGishimura" in server.cfg
  3. Just like how you install the others!
  • And enjoy!

  • Credits:
    • EA Redwood Shores, or
    • Visceral Game (RIP)
    • and me

    What you can do:
    Play with it... :[]
    Use this as a material of your work.
    Use this in your FiveM, RageMP, GT-MP... any kind of servers!
    Re-upload to somewhere else as you want.
    Edit the mod yourself.

    What you can't do:
    Any kind of selling, including but not limited to:
    Directly selling to someone.
    Edit then selling to someone.
    Including this to your modpack then selling to someone.
    Selling any part of this mod to someone.
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