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Introducing the Taymckenzienz Add On Helipads for GTA 5 because why settle for basic shapes when you can have the geometric marvels of a kindergarten art class.

Thanks to texture guru BzZz, these helipads can easily be retextured for your motorcycle clubs, EMS, and more.

In this groundbreaking pack, get five copies each of squares and heptagons in a dazzling array of red, blue, or both lights turning your helipads into a vibrant playground. Because who said helipads can't be as colorful as a preschooler's finger painting. Slap on your logo for that personal touch, but keep it a transparent 512x512 DDS or PNG file, because subtlety is overrated.

So, modders, let the Taymckenzienz Add On Helipads fill your skies with geometric splendor and the whimsy of a kindergarten art project, now in dazzling red and blue. Because nothing says high-flying sophistication like a rose-tinted landing pad.

Installation for Single:
In order for your props to show up in the game,
you need to have a "mods" folder created in OpenIV
and a custom_maps dlc created in it.
see Meth0d & Quechus13's AddonProps

All YDR, YTD and YTYP files must be moved there.
The game will load these props and then display them.
Props will also now appear in Codewalker.

You can use any spawner that suits you to spawn props.
(For example: Codewalker, Menyoo...)

spawn using
- taymckenzienz_helipad1a
- taymckenzienz_helipad1b
- taymckenzienz_helipad1c
- taymckenzienz_helipad1d
- taymckenzienz_helipad1e
- taymckenzienz_helipad2a
- taymckenzienz_helipad2b
- taymckenzienz_helipad2c
- taymckenzienz_helipad2d
- taymckenzienz_helipad2e
- taymckenzienz_helipad3a
- taymckenzienz_helipad3b
- taymckenzienz_helipad3c
- taymckenzienz_helipad3d
- taymckenzienz_helipad3e
- taymckenzienz_helipad4a
- taymckenzienz_helipad4b
- taymckenzienz_helipad4c
- taymckenzienz_helipad4d

Installation for FiveM:
1) Insert folder "helipads" inside of the "FiveM" folder to resources folder
2) Add to server.cfg
3) Restart server

If you stream props in another resource, you must edit the fxmanifest. Check mine to see how it is formatted.

Then the server must be restarted.
YTYP loads properties of props.
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