Improved Combat AI 1.0

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So if you're viewing this right now you know why, AI in singleplayer doesn't offer a sufficient challenge when it comes to fights. This mod focuses on improving AI. The mod changes pre-existing code in the game files so you don't need to mess around with issues on scripts. Detailed Improvements listed below.

Universal Changes: Restrictions for peds to charge your position have been laxed. Peds can now charge you in groups maximum of 3, they will also go on for longer,will be more frequent, and the distance requirement in order to make them happen decreased. The requirements for enemies to kneel to shoot (giving them an accuracy boost) has been laxed, previously the game needed 3 enemies in order to make peds kneel to shoot that restriction now only needs 1 enemy, so its more frequent.

Noose: Agent's now have better aim in singleplayer, expect the aim to be the same ones you can expect from Avon's Soldiers from the Doomsday Heist In GTA Online. Also there ability to throw tear gas restrictions have been extremely laxed there attacks will be FAR More frequent. The also will more combat agitated for longer after killing a target reducing risk of ambush.

Army/Merryweather: Soldiers will now shoot in full auto mode rather than short bursts. To summarize in a couple of words, the changes are soldiers do more shooting than other stuff. They also will blind fire from cover reducing there chance from being shot. Just as Swat they also will more combat agitated for longer after killing a target reducing risk of ambush.

Cop: Officers will now be more careful when attacking targets though they can still flank.
tho they will not charge targets.

Installation Instructions In File

Security Guards: Guards will now remain stationary when engaging targets (in intent to protect property).
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