Realistic Blood And Wound Improvements 1.7


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Realistic blood and wound improvements is a mod that adds new bullet hole and wound decals, as well as blood, bleed, and blood cloud textures.
This mod is for story game only.

Features of the mod:
—Depending on the caliber and type of weapon, the wounds will vary in size and will be a different size each time.
—Realistic size of exit wounds.
—Realistic pools of blood.
—Realistic gunshot wounds.
—Realistic stickers with damage on various materials.
—Realistic soaking: time, shape and color.

Problems and bugs:
—Black spots on some textures.

To install you will need OpenV and Script Hook V.
To install the mod itself you need to unzip the archive and run the oiv file and install it preferably in the mods folder.
The file for removing the mod works just like the installer.

I prohibit the use of my files for other mods or assemblies.

I am grateful to these people for the files

Recommended mods:
—MoreGore- https://ru.gta5-mods.com/scripts/more-gore

List of changes:
—Version 1.2:
Added uninstaller.
—Version 1.3:
The textures of blood and wounds have been improved, glitchy bloodshed has been removed, and some bugs and shortcomings have been fixed.
—Version 1.4:
Many textures have been replaced and bugs have been fixed.
—Version 1.5:
Many textures have been added and improved, the color of the blood has been changed, the maximum size of wounds has been changed, and bugs have been fixed.
—Version 1.6:
Some textures have been replaced, and some have become more voluminous, for example: cracks are scratched.
—Version 1.7:
Minimal update. Two textures were created with blood soaked and splashes around the wounds, minor mistakes and shortcomings were not corrected!
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