Realistic Names for LITERALLY EVERYTHING 2.0

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This mod changes the names from locations, streets etc. for example:

Los Santos --> Los Angeles

Different to other mods, this mod also changes the names from locations like Braddock Pass, Harmony or Grapeseed! I also renamed EVERY street in the game.

You can help me with commenting issues/bugs with names or telling me which locations etc. are still missing.


1. Launch OpenIV (https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/openiv)

2. Location: Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\update.rpf\x64\data\lang\american_rel.rpf (IMPORTANT TO USE A MODS FOLDER)

3. Drag and Drop ALL THE FILES into american_rel.rpf

4. ENJOY!!! (important to play the game in english otherwise it wouldn't work)

Thank you for downloading and your help!


- Replaced all streets
- Changed some location names
- Added mission instructions

- Fixed an issue with not showing the Name of Hawick (Melrose) in the left corner of the map.
- Fixed an issue which showed some words such as Boulevard or Highway with an extra d at the end.
- Replaced the purchasable properties with their reallife counterparts, for example Hookies (Neptune's Net Seafood) or Downtown Cab Co (LA Checker Cab Co).

- Fixed Issues with not showing the Location Names of Banning (Wilmington) and Alta (Chinatown) in the left corner of the map.
- Added a Replacement file where you can look what was replaced and how (not complete).
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