Bravado Mastodon Army Livery Pack [REPLACE] 1.0


So last night I had it difficult to sleep, so hot in the room, wasn't tired enough... and then an idea came to me. I remembered the Bravado Mastodon Monkeypolice188 made long ago and I though: this is a cool vehicle for some vintage military theme so I got to work... and felt asleep on the keyboard.

And here it is, a livery pack for the awesome Bravado Mastodon. It features 9 skins from the US Army, the Australian Army, Spanish Army and that weird looking Vietcong design by Ubisoft seen in Far Cry 5's Hours of Darkness DLC. I made the US Army skins in a way they look close to the Zancudo design in terms of markings and stuff like that so they are Lore Friendly. The Australian army skins are based on 2 different things: the green one is based on the Land Rovers used by the ANZAC forces during the Vietnam war and the AUSCAM skin is obviously based on the Australian Army camo used nowadays. Spanish army variants are based on the Anibal Santana the army uses, both designs are very close in design with few changes such as the badge of the Brigade they belong to (thanks to one of my friends for taking a photo of a Santana during his duty at the base). Vietcong variant is based on the Hierarch Force seen in Far Cry 5 and Hours of Darkness DLC and I mainly added it because both the Mastodon and the Hierarch are based in the same vehicle, almost.

I also had to make some changes on the carvariations.meta so the body/wheel colors don't mess up with the designs and also to make the SA EXEMPT license plate appear always.

9 Bravado Mastodon liveries:
-US Army Fort Zancudo Desert Camo
-US Army Fort Zancudo Woodland Camo
-US Army Olive Green
-US Army Zancudo Military Police
-ANZAC Land Rover design
-Brigada Acorazada Brunete del Ejercito de Tierra
-Regimiento de Artilleria Anti-Aerea 71 del Ejercito de Tierra
-National Liberation Front (Far Cry 5 design)

-Download Monkeypolice188's Mastodon
-Replace the "dloader2.ytd" in the vehicle.rpf file using OPENIV
-Replace the carvariations.meta file in the mod folder

Rockstar Games: Original Duneloader model.
Lorify, The Workshop Team: General help and advice
Monkeypolice188: Owner

-Do NOT ask for addon version, I don't have Monkeypolice188's permission to do so
-This pack doesn't aim for realism, I took some liberties creating the liveries
-I know the truck doesn't have enything to do with some armies, but still I liked for the project
-If you have any suggestions about more armies, let me know in the comments

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