Cosa Nostra (Menyoo)


Los Santos has been no stranger to organized crime but, before the street gangs, skinheads and bikers there was a classier kind of criminal. Gangsters with a code that bound men via blood and flame to one another. The Lombardi mafia is one of these old school families active in Los Santos with history stretching back to the 1970s. Their boss is James Lombardi a relatively sensible mafioso who prefers to earn in obscurity than bask in the infamy that comes with the title of don. Much like their leader the Lombardi family remains active behind the scenes just how they like it.

I watched a lot of sopranos in the last two months or so, so this mod is very inspired by their interpretation of how mobsters dress. This mod started as a little mod that would add new suit and glasses textures but turned into this. This mod adds new textures for ties, suit jackets/ pants, dress shirts, polo shirts, collar shirts and track jackets.

No bugs

This mod uses jacket and shirt models from NaijaMango's https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/mp-character-clothing-edits-additions

A majority of the content is in x64v.rpf

Polo Shirts

Extra Ties

Track Jacket

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