GTA 4 Hustler Gang [Add-On Ped] 1.0


The menace of the streets of Liberty City is back! The hustler gang was known for its ruthless methods of drug trafficking and street crime as well as increasing the mortality rate. They are now back in motion in the sunny side of Los Santos. They are taking the streets by force and infiltrating many known locations throughout LS. Will the police stop them in their rampage or will their corruption lead to an alliance with these street hustlers?

This addon includes 4 new models with all GTA 4 clothes variations. I am excited to share this long-awaited mod, and it is my first model conversions so please give feedback and let me know what you think.

It has 6 new full voice lines stripped from GTA 4!! This includes high-definition voices and proper y-clip editing for facial animations. (Fully rigged)

They have scenario points available for night and day spawning in general population. (Location provided on this page above)

This mod edits meta files such as pedpersonality, popgroups, loadouts, ambientpedmodelsets, relationship.dat, and the big file peds.ymt

Known Issues:
Due to this being my first model conversions, I have had issues with the UV editing. I don't know how to do it very well and so therefore the model has a squashed mid-section at times. The outfits also don't have blood decals appear on them when you shoot or cut them. I have not had luck fixing this issue yet, it only happens for these GTA 4 models for some reason. All my other models I am converting from the Sims 4 soon have blood effects. So, I may have a problem somewhere I don't know.

Addon mod helpers:

Packfile limit adjuster is used for addonpeds, if your experiencing crashes then please install this and heapadjuster:

Other mod concerns:

Other mods using these would require manual installation, which is provided for this reason, if you need assistance, please message in our discord assistance tab (Link below) and have common knowledge of this subject.

Installation Instructions:
Manual installs available
OIV Install/uninstaller available.


Our Discord Community: https://discord.com/invite/SmNGBN47vc

Patreon Link:

The melee combat animations from this showcase above can be found on my Patreon for $1 located here in UEFA V.6.5.1 :
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v1.0 - initial release
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