Red Harlow 1.5



Shoutouts to my very good friend Jedijosh920 for giving me reference pics of the models and textures, without him, this mod wouldn't be possible

From Brimstone to San Andreas...
The legendary bounty hunter and gunslinger, Red Harlow is now in the world of GTA 5
This mod tries to reimagine Red Harlow from Red Dead Revolver in GTA 5's engine
Special Thanks to my good friend Xinerki for testing the mod

1.0 - Initial Release
1.1 - Model and texture tweaks, Added outfits' Menyoo configs (Redemption and Revolver)
1.2 - Rigging improvements/adjustments (Gunbelt), Added Red's yellow bandana
1.3 - Texture improvements, YMT changes (Special thanks to Stryfaar for removing the unneeded slots of the YMT)
1.4 - New hair model, Texture improvements/adjustments
1.5 - Major model and texture tweaks, New pants and boots, Bug fixes

Fully Rigged
Working Facial Anims
Proper Normal and Specular maps
Includes the bandolier and a gunbelt
Red's Red Dead Revolver outfit is included (With gray-ish pants and coat)

1- Navigate to Mods> x64v.rpf> models> cdimages> streamedpeds_mp.rpf> (You can rename the files to whatever ped you want to replace)
2- Delete all of the old files and add the new files.

For ymt and yft's:
1- Navigate to Mods> x64v.rpf> models> cdimages> streamedpeds_mp.rpf and replace the files (You can rename the files to whatever ped you want to replace)


Aaaand you're done!
Happy huntin' fellas!

Jedijosh920 - Reference pics, beta testing
Xinerki - Beta testing
Stryfaar - YMT adjustments
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