Aircraft Carrier Heist 0.4

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This mod has moved to my All In One Menu mod and is now listed as an option under Jobs & Heists.

This menu features all of my heist mods combined in to one menu, along with other options and jobs.

Please read the description before installing, download is available from here: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/gestures-includes-source-code#notifications

This version still works, but it's not as up to date as my latest one released in All In One Menu.

With this script you can now perform a heist on the Aircraft Carrier.

You can chose where you would like to start the heist and how you'd like to enter.

Proceed towards the aircraft carrier and press E or right-dpad to start the heist. Choose your entry point, fight through the guards and make your way to the control tower. Take out the guards controlling the anti aircraft weapons. Steal the P99 Lazer from the runway and deliver it to the drop off point.

This will be a difficult heist, while you're fighting through all of the guards you will have a 5 star wanted level and will have NOOSE rappelling down on to the carrier trying to stop you. This heist will award you with a huge payout though, anywhere between $50 and $100 million.

Copy AircraftCarrier.dll to your to your games scripts folder located at Grand Theft Auto v\ scripts\.
Approach the aircraft carrier and press E or right d-pad to start the heist.

Legit copy of GTA V
Open All Interiors or Enable All Interiors

Version 0.2 contains various bug fixes and a new alarm sound effect
Version 0.3 contains a decrease in the reward amount
Version 0.4 contains bug fixes, the script compiled to .dll and a new mission passed screen
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