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Custom Camera V PLUS

A custom vehicle camera system for Grand Theft Auto V

This is my new Custom Camera V Plus mod, a much improved version of Custom Camera V, rewritten from scratch in C++

### Changelog: ###

* 1.7.0 *

* Ability to set ammount of inertia force for 3rd person camera. Search for InertiaForce in the .ini file for details.
* Updated Manual Transmission integration (If you use Manual Transmission, make sure you update it to 4.6.6 or newer).
* Other minor enhancements

* 1.6.0 *

* New third person camera! Racing oriented, so now you can switch between 3 cameras: 1st person, 3rd person smooth (legacy), and 3rd person racing (new)
* Ability to select the default camera via settings .ini file (Default camera now is 3rd person racing, but you can set it back to 3rd person smooth or 1st person)
* Other minor enhancements

* 1.5.0 *

* More natural and "elastic" cam behaviour in 3rd person. Reworked algorithm.
* Implemented smooth camera heading in 3rd person camera, mostly noticeable when driving fast and cornering, smoother movement.
* Wheelie camera for bikes (cam will no longer look to the sky during a wheelie).

* 1.4.1 *

* Added an option to set the height of the third person camera. (Configurable in settings) (So now both height and angle are configurable)

* 1.4 *

* Added an option to set the angle (in deggress) of the thrid person camera (Configurable in settings)

* 1.3 *

* Reworked dynamic camera distance based on acceleration and speed (third person camera). Fixes some bugs and provides better visual feedback.
* Fixed 3rd person camera getting too close to the vehicle at high speeds.
* New option "InertiaAffectsPitch" on 3rd person camera, wich makes the camera look down when the car loses acceleration quickly or brakes (Diabled by default)
* New option "InertiaEffects" on 1st person camera, wich makes the camera move forward / back based on vehicle acceleration (Enabled by default)
* Adjusted 1st person camera distance to be a little more distant

* v1.2 *

* New 3rd person camera system, more like the built-in GTAV camera, so when you are at low speed camera angle it's unlocked, with no autocenter, but as you get some speed it chases you more actively, so you can clearly see where the car is going (Unlike vanilla cam).
* New 3rd person is also better for drifting, because it lets you see the rotation of the car when it slides (the cam behaviour it's not related to vehicle rotation anymore, but it's velocity, speed, previous cam position and acceleration)

* v1.1 *

* Implemented dynamic pivot position and rotation speed. More believable cam behavior.
* Set default gamepad deadzone to 0 and implement gamepad easing instead (Makes more sense as R* already applies deadzone) (both deadzone and easing are now configurable via INI file).
* Added a sensibility setting for both gamepad/mouse (via INI file).
* Fixed an error where camera wasn't taking towed vehicle/trailer distance into account (this happened only in v1.0).

* v1.0 *

* Reworked 3rd person camera algorithm (completely rewritten)
* 3rd person camera rotation doesn't get affected by suspension bounciness
* Look around/aim/shoot has been reimplemented and now supports gamepad as well as keyboard
* Progressive deadzone implemented when looking with gamepad, for better aim precision
* Look left/right quickly by pressing hotkeys (configurable via ini file)
* Support to look left/right/back from steering wheel!
Requires an AppVeyor build of Manual Transmission Mod by @ikt (link below):

* Other minor fixes and improvements

* v0.9.6 *

* Improved camera placement on 3rd person (Height of vehicle camera is now always correct)
* Improved camera placement on 3rd person for big/tall vehicles
* Improved camera placement on 1st person (Not too near to windscreen anymore)
* Improved camera behavior 3rd person (more comfortable rotation) (also fixes some rotation bugs)
* Improved sync between custom camera and gameplay camera while looking around (Now mouse look starts always at custom camera position, no sudden jumps)
* Fixed a bug showing whole map on 3rd person camera on some vehicles, or vehicles towing specific small trailers.

* v0.9.5 *

* Configurable FOV and cam distance via INI file!
* Ability to look behind in 1st person too
* Radar in sync with custom camera
* Fixed 3rd person cam showing whole map when entering in vehicle sometimes (Still happens for some cars, like Canis Mesa)
* More confortable camera:
* Increased angle, so you see more road
* Less hard and more natural rotation
* No more dizyness!

### Features ###

* Supports Thrid person and first person vehicle cameras! Just switch between them by pressing "Next view" button! (key "V" by default)

* Allows aim/shooting and look around (only mouse for now)

* Reworked system to update camera position and rotation. Much improved since *Custom Camera V*

* Nice feeling of speed

* Supports big vehicles, and even vehicles towing another vehicles

### Requirements ###
* GTA V for PC (obviously)

* Script Hook V

### Usage ###

* Enter on any vehicle (except boat, helis and planes) and custom camera will be automatically enabled
* Look around, aim and shoot just like with the built-in camera.
* Switch between 3rd and 1st person view by pressing V (or other key mapped to switch views)
* Toggle mod enabled by pressing 1.

### Recommended third party mods to use with Custom Camera V ###

* Inverse power script by ikt
* A handling mod, such as Realistic Driving V or RDE 3.0 handling file
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