Eco Mode Driving System v1


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  • Credits:
    i used the open source Vehicle Lights Always On script from: stillhere
    to enable the vehicle lights when the engine is turned off.
  • Vehicle Lights Always On by: stillhere
  • A BIG THANKS to: stillhere i learned a lot from you back in the day's and my mods are always open source because of you, like you said maybe someone can learn from my code and start making mods :D

  • ScripthookV
  • ScriptHookVDotNet

  • Information:
    You can use my mod with Keyboard and Controller!

    Eco Modus Driving System automatically shuts down and restarts the internal combustion engine to reduce the amount of time the engine spends idling, thereby reducing fuel consumption and emissions. This is most advantageous for vehicles which spend significant amounts of time waiting at traffic lights or frequently come to a stop in traffic jams

    Below you find a link to my old mod ( i lost that account a long time ago )
  • start-stop-system

  • Changelog:
    i cleaned and improved the code to work on the latest version of the game.
    i also added a option to keep the lights on while the engine is off.
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