High Beam Control [Controller + Keyboard] 1.0

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whenever you drive against the road you can clearly see other cars flashing there head lights to you.
with this script you can do the same thing
in the making of this script i had to sacrifice the "B" red button on Microsoft controllers ("xbox 360, xbox one, and razer saberbooth controllers ,etc.")
which is made for the cinematic view while driving a car
and it's been used as a hold button for the high beam lights.
also note that the low beams now must be always on day and night.
On the keyboard "G" button is used.

how to install ?
-download script hook V
-unpack it into your gta v root folder
-place HighBeam Control.asi in your gta v root folder
-you are good to go :)

-how to use ?
once you get in a vehicle you will notice that the lights turn on to low beams even if at day time.
press your light switch "Right Arrow" on controllers once, to enable the script
press and hold "B" on controllers or "G" on keyboards for high beams
release to get back to low beams.

you cannot use the old functions of the headlight to keep them on(working on a fix)
note that this code doesn't work on any version before 1.0.678.1 offline, 1.33 online
it's not up to me, the base of this script is a function named set_high_beams which didn't do whats it's supposed to do until i updated to 1.0.678.1
if you don't have the latest version please update before using it, even for pirated versions it's out there, why won't you update ? :D
this is not the same as my previous posted script, that one doesn't control high beams but only increases the light brightness, and it was written in lua script, this one is asi
good luck and have fun.
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v1.0 :2016-06-03
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