LS Crews - Gangs & Bodyguards 0.30 (Gang Update)

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LS Crews is planned to be reworked.

Latest Script Hook V
Latest Script Hook V .NET
Lemon UI
Enable All Interiors
MP Maps

Drag LSCrews.dll & LSCrews.ini & LS Crews folder into your scripts folder inside your GTA V Directory.

While in-game, press "X" to Open Crew Menu
Bugstar's Shop is in your Contacts.


Hire crews around Los Santos with a unique touch compared to a standard bodyguard menu

  • Trusty Bodyguards [$1,000] (New Addition to LS Crews)

  • Bugstar's Crew [$5,000] (Original Crew but Tweaked Stats)

  • Special Forces [$25,000] (New Addition to LS Crews)

  • Juggernauts [$50,000] (New Addition to LS Crews)

  • + 5 newly added gangs

prices adjustable via .INI


Why are my crew members running away and are non-responsive?
You most likely have another mod that is interfering with the Crew Members.
Reload the game with only LS Crews and see if the issue still persists.

I'm experiencing frame drops, is it LS Crews?
LS Crews will typically drop your framerate by 10-15 once a crew is hired.

LS Crews isn't loading, nor are the blips.
Make sure you have everything installed correctly and have the latest versions of everything.

I'm receiving an error after getting near the crew locations
Close your game and rename mods to _mods. After that create a new folder on your desktop and drag all of your existing scripts into the newly made folder. Start the game up with only LS Crews and its requirements and see if the issue still persists.

I'm receiving a "Unable to Resolve" Error
Delete every Scripthook file you have, then reinstall. The issue should be fixed after that.
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