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Basically its gang mod, but it was made by me from scratch.
Important: to make gang brawl work as intended, in your gameconfig.xml find "CombatMeleeManager_Groups" and increase the PoolSize value to 30
LemonUI: https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/lemonui
NativeUI (for LS Gangsta Mod 1.0 ONLY): https://github.com/Guad/NativeUI/releases
SHVDN 3.6.0: https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/scripthookv-net
Installation: extract the archive into your "Scripts" folder.
To join a gang come to a corresponding blip on the map.
-capturable territories;
-vans with weapons give you and your recruited homies an Assault Rifle when entered;
- ambulances heal you and your recruited homies when entered;
- interaction menu (press B by default, configurable).
- events: drive-by, vehicle delivery
Capturable territories:
there are 22 territories that can be captured by your or npc gangs. There are three main territories that cant be captured (one for each gang). Gang peds get will be replaced in territories to correspond the current gang owner of the territory(this system is not perfect). If your territory is being captured, you get a notification.
Settings in config:
-events_interval(milliseconds): time between events player can participate in
-ambient_territory_capture_interval(milliseconds): time between territory captures
-time_to_arrive_at_attacked_territory(milliseconds): time you have to arrive to the "battlefield" if your territory is being attacked
-ambient_driveby_interval(milliseconds): time between npc drivebys occur
-set_ui_gang_color: will your ui color depend on a gang you are in or not
-show_*something*: will this be displayed on map or not
-start_as_gang: automatically join a gang when the mod starts
-gang_relationship: relationship between gangs
This is my first ever script. Report issues you experience in comments or suggest things to add
- release
- code improvements
- now uses LemonUI instead of NativeU
- you can now play as your own character while still being a gang member
- code improvements
- added gang join blips
- menu banner pictures are back
- you have less ammo after joining a gang
- ui color corresponds your gang now
- blips can be turned on\off by ini
- code improvements
- you can automatically join a gang as soon as the script starts(config)
- fixed crashes when aiming
- code improvements
- relationships between gangs are now configurable
- 2 more disputed territories (4 in total)
- compatible with SHVDN 3.5.1
- code improvements
- 22 capturable territories instead of 4
- gang peds get will be replaced in territories to correspond the current gang owner of the territory(this system is not perfect)
- vans with weapons: there is a chance that instead of a driveby car a van with weapons spawns. When entered, it will give you and your recruited homies an Assault Rifle and 300 ammo for it
- melee weapons can be used in gang brawl now
- code improvements
- new event for players to take part in: vehicle delivery
- during gang wars, not only enemies, but your gang members will also spawn now
- if you are dead or too far away from gang war battlefield, there is a chance you will still get the territory. The more enemies you kill, the higher the chance
- code improvements
- weapons your character has will not be removed when you join and leave a gang
- your territories progress is now saved (can be reset in game using menu)
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