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No Clip.
by XBLToothPik. The virus free edition.

ScriptHookV is required. Grab it from HERE
ScriptHookVDotNet is required. Grab it from HERE
.NET Framework 4.5 is required.

1) If you have not already created the 'scripts' folder in your GTAV directory, do so now.
2) Place the .CS file downloaded from this mod page into the 'scripts' folder.
3) Run GTA, follow instructions below.
4) * It is recommended you disable Sticky Keys for this mod.

  • Fly around the city as slow as a snail or at mach 2
  • Changeable key binds!
  • 360 Controller support!
  • Open Source! (see below)
    Controls for Keyboard (editable)
    Activate/Deactivate: NumPad0
    Move Up: Left Shift
    Move Down: Left Control
    Navigate: WASD and camera
    Speed up: NumPad2
    Speed down: Numpad1

    Controls for Xbox 360 Controller 
    Activate/Deactivate: X + LS
    Move Up: RT
    Move Down: LT
    Navigate LS and camera
    Speed Up: RB
    Speed Down: LB

    Changing Control Schemes for KeyBoard
    You can change control setups for the keyboard by editing the noclip_settings.txt file that came with the package. A link is provided in there for all the possible controls. If the settings file did not come with the package, install the mod then run it, the settings file should be created in the scripts directory! 

    Change Log (0.3)
    - Added "Slow" speed
    - Added "Slowest" speed
    - Moved source to a single .CS file
    - Added Speed Up Control
    - Added Speed Down Control
    - Release Version

    Source Code (0.3)
    Seeing as there are so many people who won't share the source code for their simple mods so they can put viruses in them, I have included the full source code for the mod that is downloadable through this page. You can build it yourself using Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 with .NET Framework 4.5. You can also dissassemble the .DLL provided with a .NET Reflector if you really want to inspect it.

    * The source code is also included in the main download as a .CS file.

    If you wish to modify the source and re-release it, please ask me

    Source GitHub: HERE
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