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Personal Driver is a simple mod that allows you to have a personal driver, that will drive you to a waypoint, the Default key is L

the mod fully supports Controllers, if you want turn of Controllers in the ini, set USECONTOLLER = false . You can also set modifiers to be used as well (L Ctrl (& or) L Shift) to be needed to be pressed as well

both the Controller Key and UI Controller Key can be changed in the ini

the mod supports Cars, Bikes, Planes, and Helicopters

you can also use the numpad keys (Numpad 1 to numpad 9) to cycle what seat the player is sitting in

Drop both files in zip, into scripts folder, if you dont have one, then create one!

Install Scritphookv
Install Scripthookdotnet3 (Drop ALL files in the scripthookvdotnet.zip file into game Directory folder, and change Reloadkey=Insert, in scripthookvdotnet.ini)

Initial Release
Fixed controller key not being able to be set to different than L
added ability to have a random ped or specific ped as the driver
added ability to tell the driver to stop where they are, on Left Shift + H (Controller Compatible as well, Sprint key + Horn Key)
added ability to tell the driver to Re Route to new waypoint, on Left Ctrl + H (Controller Compatible as well, Crouch key + Horn Key)
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