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@zyankenta requested this to begin with. @epcotsinbarboeza would like it to evolve to be impact dependent which might be something I look into on this mod down the line.

For clarity, this changes things like light poles and traffic lights to behave like trees. So if you're yearning for your car to get wrecked when running through them, this mod if for you. Its a .NET script.

place the dll into your scripts folder.

Provide any feedback of bugs or further features that would be wanted.

Just realized this only works for the player. Will need to add nearby peds to the next release.

* SHV, SHVDN (3.0.4)

Appreciation & Credits:
I learned a bit with some feedback from mcal9909, Jitnaught and InfamousSabre!


v1.0.0 - initially deals with most post like objects that aren't part of this world (kind of an ariel reference, but also any entities that have normal in game draw types). feedback is appreciated and other objects might be part of this world with your responses.

v1.0.1 - Includes pedestrians and empty vehicles parked on the side of the road.

v1.0.2 - Optimized for performance. Also comes with an editable list, take away what you don't want, add more things. I could even provide a v1.0.2b that makes all props static!

v1.0.3 - Bit of a hotfix. Tweaked the code some more and wound up being more stable for me (with the full list). I also changed the default ini list to be a lighter load (the same as what @Yoko Daisuke posted in the comments, traffic lights only).

models checked at this site: http://test.raccoon72.ru/

Current list of default props in this mod:


Old list of default props in this mod:

-365135956 prop_streetlight_07a
589548997 prop_traffic_03b
267702115 prop_streetlight_05
1043035044 prop_traffic_01a
-753093121 prop_ind_light_03b
-1059778192 prop_ind_light_03c
-1529663453 prop_streetlight_11c
-655644382 prop_traffic_01d
-1114695146 prop_streetlight_03d
431612653 prop_streetlight_04
681787797 prop_streetlight_14a
326972916 prop_streetlight_05_b
-1454378608 prop_streetlight_03e
-614573584 prop_streetlight_07b
-306910109 prop_ind_light_02c
1821241621 prop_streetlight_01b
1847069612 prop_streetlight_08
865627822 prop_traffic_03a
-1063472968 prop_streetlight_01
-1684988513 prop_streetlight_11b
1327054116 prop_streetlight_03b
1021745343 prop_streetlight_03c
729253480 prop_streetlight_03
-1161709063 prop_ind_light_05
862871082 prop_traffic_01b
1393636838 prop_ind_light_03a
-1222468156 prop_streetlight_02
-805588751 prop_ind_light_02b
1380570124 prop_streetlight_09
-259356231 prop_bollard_04
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