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Record My Route is a script that records your vehicles route and when you want you can press backspace to reset back to a saved position, to help if you fall of a mountain or bridge

to start recording press Shift + Space, to reset keep driving, and after a short period you will be able to hold backspace to reset, hold backspace and your screen will fade out and you will be a few points behind where you were originally were

drop dll and ini file into scripts


INI Options
ShowPath = true // Shows Blue path and respawn points
RecordInterval = 24 // how quickly respawn points are recorded
RecordInAir =false // should script should respawn record points that are in the air and not near ground
StopRecordOnNotOn4Wheels = true // should script record respawn points when vehicle is not on all wheels
CheckPointsToRemoveOnReset = 10 // how many points should the script subtract to determine respawn point from players last recorded record respawn point
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