Police Improvement .NET V2.0

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I have decided to turn my warrant mod into a police improvement script
- Added custom police loadout, police weapons for each wanted level are customizable
- Hud is now toggleable
- When you are wanted and the cops saw your face or vehicle, they will remember them even after you have escaped, and you will get the same wanted level again if they recognize you
- dying or getting arrested will clear your warrant. Alternatively, you can wait until they forget you (time to forget can be changed)
- Jacking cars, stealing locked vehicles or holding a weapon near a cops will give you a wanted level
- There is a speed limit, if you go any faster and get seen by a cop, they will request you to stop your vehicle and you will receive a fine, you will get a wanted level if you refuse to stop

- Enable or disable all features
- Key binding
- Police loadout
- Position and size of the icons on screen
- Recognize speed for face and vehicle
- Warrant expire time
- Max distance at which cops can recognize you
- speed limit and the amount of money you will be charged

- Put the .dll file and the folder in your script folder
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Dodano: maj 20, 2022
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