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Simple Police Helper (SPH) is a simple menu with features to make your patrols easier. The menu is adding some options (see below). I'll work on the menu and add new stuff and options. However, you are also more then welcome to write suggetions in the comments.

• You can also find and download Simple Police Helper on the official LSPDFR Page.

NOTE: This plugin doesn't require LSPDFR and RagePluginHook!
If you are using a trainer, it might overrides the weather system from the SPH Menu.

How to install
1) Copy the files and folder of "scripts" in: "GTA V directory\scripts".
2) Alternative: Drag and drop the "scripts" folder into your main directory of GTA5.

• Script Hook V .NET Download here
• Script Hook V Download here
• NativeUI Download here
• A legal copy of GTA5 (Retail, EpicGames or Steam)

Features of the menu

Player settings
• You can heal yourself and add armor to be prepared for any situations.
• Clean your clothes from blood and dirt everywhere.
• Option to get ignored by everyone. (This option is helpful if you want Peds to calm when you're shooting)
• Activate Night and Thermal Vision.

Police garage
• You can spawn all police cars (bcso, lspd, fib and more)
• You can also spawn a vehicle by name.
○ All default police vehicles are supported.
○ This plugin has a system that deletes your last vehicle when you're inside a vehicle in order to avoid spawning to many vehicles.

Vehicle options
• You can repair and clean your vehicle.
• You don't want to use your vehicle anymore? Just use the delete option.
• With this menu you can easily tune your vehicle with just one click. (engine, brakes, amored tires, transmission and many more)
• You can also set your vehicle into god mode.

Teleport to police stations
• You can teleport yourself to the main police stations.
○ This option will only teleport the player and not a vehicle.

• This menu has a few police related animations/scenarios you can play.

Vehicle interactions
• Open all or certain doors your current vehicle. (trunk, hood and more)
• Option to turn your engine on/off.
• You can also roll down/up the windows of your vehicle.

Loadouts for your patrols
• With this menu you have 3 different police loadouts. (Police, British and Swat)
• Option to have unlimited ammo.
• Option to refill your ammo.
• Option to remove all your current weapons.

Change Weather
• Change the weather for your liking. (sunny, clear, neutral, clearing, foggy, overcast, raining, thunder and more.)

Change Time
• Change the time for your liking. (morning, afternoon, evening and night)

Want to stay up to date?
• This plugin has a version control system to let you know when a new has been released.
○ You can still play with the plugin on your own risk. It's always recommended to update to the latest build.
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