Skate V Plus 1.1

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This is my first PC mod! Hope you enjoy.

What is it?
Skate V! But with more stuff. It's pretty sick, yo. Here's the Original Skate V
(Note: This is a remake and does not actually use the source of the Original Skate V mod)

+ Tricks
+ Score
+ Immersion
+ More!

- Skateboard weapon. I haven't coded it in yet (And don't really plan on it unless people really want it)

X: Get on/off skateboard
Space: Ollie
Numpad6/Numpad4/E (combinations): Tricks

Numpad 4 will spin the board yaw (aka shove it) (+10 points)
Numpad 6 will spin the board roll (aka kick flip/heel flip) (+10 points)
Pressing Numpad 4 & Numpad 6 on the exact frame will do a pitch spin (aka an impossible) (+30 points)
Pressing 'E' while doing any trick will invert the spin direction. (+5 points)

Requires OpenIV and ScriptHookV
Place "SkateVPlus.asi" and the folder "skateCustomSounds" into your GTA folder and p_defilied_ragdoll_01_s.ydr into "x64g.rpf\levels\gta5\generic\cutobjects.rpf" with OpenIV.
*Side note: That object is already a part of GTA as v_res_skateboard

Compatible Mods
Here are some other mods you may want to try with this:

Have fun!

Fixed an animation bug that caused the animation while in air to end early
Added sound when doing an Ollie for immersion

Initial release
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