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AnimationV is a .NET library that improves the current markers and objects in GTA V. Now you can animate markers & objects to actually move, animate, blink, change color, set visibility flags, improve game performance, contact check and more.

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Current Features
  • Animate Markers
  • Change Properties of Markers
  • Use Visibility Flags (See Below)
  • Check contact with markers
  • +More

Model/Objects coming next

Marker Class
Functions & Properties
  • (Color) Color: Sets/Returns Marker Color. [System.Drawing.Color]
  • (void) Draw: Draws current marker object.
  • (RenderFlag enum) Flag: Sets/Returns Render Flag. Renders marker within certain radius [Close, Nearby, Far, Any]
  • (bool) IsClose: Returns if player is in close radius of marker.
  • (bool) IsNearby: Returns if player is in a nearby radius of marker.
  • (bool) IsFar: Returns if player is in a far distant radius of marker.
  • (bool) IsVisible: Returns if marker is visible.
  • (MarkerType enum) MarkerType: Sets/Returns current marker type.
  • (bool) PedIsAtMarker: Returns true if ped is at marker.
  • (Vector3) Direction: Sets/Returns Direction of Marker
  • (Vector3) Position: Sets/Returns marker current position.
  • (Vector3) Rotation: Sets/Returns marker current rotation.
  • (Vector3) Scale: Sets/Returns marker current scale.
  • (bool) ShowDebug: Shows debug UI if true.
  • (bool) Visible: Sets Visibility of marker [Overrides Render Flags]

- Marker Rotation Animation Added
- Marker Blink Animation Added
- Added Rotation to Close Method
- Removed "Scale" from constructor. Default scale value set.
- Fixed Mispelled Function
- Version in Main addeds
- Fixed Default Scale
- Initial Release
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