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CodeWalker - Interactive 3D Map for GTAV.

This app renders the GTAV map in a manner reminiscent of SA-MP Map Editor. You can add markers like on the Glokon online map, but in 3D. Select objects in the world by clicking on them, and look at details of the models, etc.

Requires the PC version of GTAV installed, and .NET framework 4.5.2.

Extract the zip file and run the .exe. Once the GTAV installation folder has been found, the world view will load by default. Use the WASD keys to move, and left-drag to rotate the camera view. Mouse wheel zooms in/out and controls the movement speed.

See the Readme.txt file for more information.

CREATOR NOTE: If you use this software in a video, publication or other mod, you must provide some credits and also a link to this download page. Thanks!

See https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvig3BG9Bje3--CbcX3FvJQ for CodeWalker videos...
[Basic features demo video]
[Editing features demo video]
[Tour of default markers]

Join the CodeWalker Discord server at: https://discord.gg/BxfKHkk

Source code on github: https://github.com/dexyfex/CodeWalker

07.30.2022 New in R30_dev44:
Fix for patchday27ng game update, FXC/XML conversion, Audio .dat XML improvements, .cut XML fix, Bulk delete grass tool, RPF Explorer memory leak fix

As most know CW is being actively developed and new releases are made available in #releases in their discord channel, this is the lastest version


New in v.29:
- RPF Explorer Edit Mode, with drag & drop
- New improved Project Window
- YNV Nav mesh editing (WIP!)
- CodeWalker.Core library which can be used by other developers
- Colour theme options for RPF Explorer and Project Window
- Snap to ground and Snap to grid editing option
- Vehicle wheel meshes are now rendered (no mirroring yet)
- AWC Audio Player will now play some audios
- Improved interiors rendering and selection info
- Improved GTA folder management
- Improved nav mesh and paths rendering
- Bug fixes and performance improvements

New in v.28:
- Select and inspect ambient audio zones and emitters
- Improved Binary Search window
- Improved details of audio REL file contents
- View contents of cache_y.dat files as XML
- JenkInd export strings option
- Bug fix for Turkish users experiencing crashes

New in v.27:
- Multi-select (hold Ctrl and right click on objects)
- Display selected CarGen/scenario node vehicles
- Import scenario chain points from CSV function
- Import Menyoo XML to ymap function
- Show skeletons option in model viewer
- YCD inspector form - show some contents of YCD files
- Bulk export selected metadata files as XML versions
- Performance improvements & other bug fixes

New in v.26:
- First-person mode: [Video] (press P / Start)
- Scenario Region .YMT editing
- RPF Explorer (OpenIV-style interface)
- Model Viewer window - YDR, YDD, YFT, YBN, YNV, YPT
- View YTD, GXT2, FXC, REL, AWC, YWR, YVR file contents
- Metadata to XML: YMT, YMAP, YTYP, CUT etc files (Meta/PSO/RBF)
- Collision detection / physics - shoot alien_eggs
- XBOX controller support
- Display Population Zones
- Generate _manifest.ymf XML for ymaps in project

New in v.25:
- View Scenario (.YMT) file contents (points and paths)
- Path editor improvements - path links display, flags checkboxes, lane counts
- Entity hierarchy display in selection info window
- World search: Entity/archetype search window
- YDD drawable names now instead of hashes (mostly)
- Side panel can now be manually resized
- Various bug fixes

New in v.24:
- Update video: https://youtu.be/9lE-qkM43RA
- View nav mesh and select/inspect nav mesh polygons (YNV files)
- Edit entity pivot position/rotation
- Train paths (trains .dat files) can now be viewed/created/edited
- 2D/3D toolbar button - toggle map view
- Editing tools now work properly in 2D/ortho view
- Depth clip option for paths / nav mesh
- Various bug fixes

New in v.23:
- Update video: https://youtu.be/euOEqCuB3qE
- Path editor - create traffic for map mods!
- Car generator editor (for parked cars)
- Clone items with shift + move
- Collision meshes for map mods now visible
- Jenkins hash lookup tool
- Bug fixes and rendering improvements

New in v.22:
- Update video: https://youtu.be/SAolXkm01nU
- Select/inspect time cycle mods, car generators, +more
- Configurable key bindings, settings window
- Keyboard bindings for zoom in/out (default: Z/X)
- Moon is now displayed
- Support for mods folder, and map mods (WIP)
- Dropdowns now no longer capture keyboard input
- Bug fixes and performance improvements
- Rendering improvements

New in v.21b:
- Fix for modded RPF archives.

New in v.21a:
- Fix for specular lighting.

New in v.21:
- Update video: https://youtu.be/e6AgwTWrd0M
- Added editing toolbar
- Load/save existing entity extensions in ymaps
- Load DLC up to a specified patch
- Improved support for vehicles in model view
- Map view mode (top-down 2D)
- Some rendering improvements

New in v.20:
- Fixed cloth rendering problems
- Fixed some YFTs (eg. traffic lights)
- Fixed water foam rendering issue
- Entity transform widget
- Project window enhancement
- Full source code included in download

New in v.19a:
- Fix for some users seeing only black screen.

New in v.19:
- Water quads rendering
- River ripples and flow animation
- Show nodes/paths from YND files
- YTD texture viewer in RPF browser
- Bug fixes and performance improvements
- Fixed some render order issues

New in v.18:
- HDR rendering, tone mapping, bloom
- Specular mapping & highlights
- Ambient lighting improvements
- Clouds and basic cloud options
- Selection info window with texture viewer
- Ability to toggle model/geometry visibility
- Bug fixes and performance improvements

New in v.17:
- Day/night cycle (right-drag)
- Emissive textures and distant LOD lights
- Sky colour based on time of day and weather
- Instanced grass
- Grass and foliage wind movement
- Bug fixes and performance improvements

New in v.16:
- World mode - Now loads orphan entities and uses entity lodDist
- Rendering improvements
- Cables now rendered
- Improved support for custom models (eg openformats)
- Bug fixes and performance improvements
- Now scans only root game folder - updates/DLC not scanned in this version as it was causing problems.

New in v.15:
- Static YBN collision mesh display
- Change light direction with mouse
- Ability to set folders to exclude (in .config file)
- Mods folder now excluded by default
- Rendering improvements
- Improved file exception handling

New in v.14:
- Dynamic cascaded soft shadows
- LOD and loading improvements - better immersion!
- Display vertex colours, normals, texturecoords
- Display raw textures - normal maps, specular maps etc.
- Render model mode now accepts asset hash
- More configurable config file
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