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  • Cbd4d6 unnamed (1)

    @jaden0808 .asi mods can cause problems as well, doesn't necessarily needs to be scripts mod. I also don't know how Scripthook works under the hood, perhaps renaming the folders won't make much difference. I would advise to move these folders and mods outside of the game installation.
    @Eternal123 Make sure you are using the latest version. You don't seem to have the "same" problem because on Jaden's case his terminal doesn't seem to show any error. You should also check the folder permissions and your antivirus, strict systems can cause issues as well.

    sierpień 16, 2023
  • Cbd4d6 unnamed (1)

    @KassiteR You should ask him to explain what he is doing there, if that triggered the "Ask him to stop" type of message, try to tell him he should stop. If he offers bribe, either accept it or reject it clearly. (PS; you can go and straight say 'i dont accept your bribe' and it will also do the trick but will kill a bit immersion :D )
    @jaden0808 Any error(s) on screen or log? Something might be causing mod not to work properly (if you have other mods, one of them might be causing that as well)
    @GhostKingHunter No plans on another story at the moment.
    @lina_starla Could be a downtime or slowness on Inworld Server side. Or could be latency issue on your side as well (in case if you are away from the Inworld main servers and so on) Especially if it's replying after certain time, it means that connection is fine but it's just AI/response latency. Not much I can do on that, unfortunately.

    sierpień 15, 2023
  • Cbd4d6 unnamed (1)

    @ClawGibson Please see - https://bloctheworker.github.io/Inworld-GTA-Mod

    sierpień 14, 2023
  • Cbd4d6 unnamed (1)

    @wotothok If terminal is not opening, something isn't right with your installation. Upload your logs and share it. Needed ones are ( ScriptHookVDotNet.log, InworldV.log and ScriptHookV.log in side GTAV folder - in same folder of GTAV.exe) and (inworldClient.log inside GTAV\Inworld folder) If you are not seeing some of the logs or if ScriptHookVDotNet isn't indicating that it's loading this mod then make a clean installation.

    @skipper00123 It shouldn't say on the screen anyway, it should say that on the terminal that opens when you launch the game. If you are not getting "Character is now listening you" then you have a problem and you should check the logs. Make sure that terminal is opening up when you launch the game.

    @AYMANETests "modders should" no they shouldn't and they cannot do that even if they want to. What you're saying is nonsense because Rockstar forcefully updates your game to the latest version every time they release an update, even if the update is unrelated to the single-player mode. So expecting modders to have backup files for every version out there for GTA V and running their mod manually for every single version to see if their mod is working or not is ridiculous to say the least. Good to hear that it works for that old version, but I wouldn't care much if it wouldn't to be honest, I can't support all the versions and not planning to do as such anyway.

    sierpień 14, 2023
  • Cbd4d6 unnamed (1)

    @AYMANETests Do you think I have a testing framework setup that runs my mod against every single version of GTA V? Your disclaimer is already on description if you check nexusmods or here: This mod only tested in latest GTA V version. Even the slightest version difference can cause mod not to work. Only tested in 1.0.2944

    sierpień 13, 2023
  • Cbd4d6 unnamed (1)

    If you have an issue,
    Explain your issue in detail with providing the logs (don't copy and paste logs to here, use pastebin and make sure you don't have any personal information)
    Or better, use nexusmods and report the bugs at there with using the template on sticky note.

    Only writing "it does not work" not gonna help anyone and don't expect me to help you when you write super vague comments. I'm no psychic, I cannot know what's going on your PC unless you provide input to me.

    sierpień 13, 2023
  • Cbd4d6 unnamed (1)

    @skipper00123 Restarting audio session isn't an error, it's just a warning. But if you are pressing N and it says player is speaking to character yet character isn't answering it means something isn't right with your microphone. Make sure your default microphone is the correct one. In Windows 10 you can change this by going to Settings -> System -> Sound -> Input
    @IK BONES You can't play in French, its only for English. "it does not work" is not gonna help anyone, probably you didn't install it properly, it has nothing to do with Europe
    @AYMANETests How should I know?

    sierpień 13, 2023
  • Cbd4d6 unnamed (1)

    @wotothok You are explaining your issue incorrectly then. Is console terminal is opening on the background when you launch the game? Are you seeing any errors on your log files? Make sure that you are using the latest version of the mod, because different keyboard layouts had a bug which was causing goinworld command not to be recognized by the mod (i.e. if you are using Swedish keyboard)

    sierpień 11, 2023
  • Cbd4d6 unnamed (1)

    @sst3333 not all animations are properly set for mouth animation. Body animations cause unwanted effect such as character unresponsiveness or characters to ignore "collision". I don't have plans to introduce more animations but feel free to make a pull request to code if you think you can improve the overall animation styles in game.

    @tobu24 I think his issue isn't the console command panel. Mod isn't launching the client terminal on the background, which indicates an installation problem.

    @Ben0310 try to be a bit more vague, you provided too much information, I might accidently help you if you provide so much information :)

    sierpień 10, 2023
  • Cbd4d6 unnamed (1)

    @wotothok Sounds like you didn't follow it thoroughly

    sierpień 08, 2023