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    For anyone who installs this and gets an instant crash try installing an updated gameconfig. I was getting instant crash even after I uninstalled and putting an updated gameconfig worked for me. Just search gameconfig on this site if your not sure what im talking about.

    grudzień 27, 2023
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    is this compatible with the forests of ls mod? If it is then im downloading this right away!

    kwiecień 26, 2020
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    It would be nice if you could add cops patrolling the streets. Right now i have to decide between this mod or a mod that adds police cars.

    Would also be nice if you could find a way to decrease the amount of military/super car cars driving around. It seems like i see too many armored cars or like 5-6 Lamborghinis driving around while im in south ls.

    Other than that its a great mod, unfortunately i cant use it atm because of no police cars on the street.

    sierpień 11, 2019