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  • Gtao54


    If you have any other mods, reset your game to FACTORY SETTINGS by deleting all files in your main game directory and verifying the integrity of your files. It will take around 30 - 40 minutes depending on internet.

    Then you need to go to OpenIV, install ASI Manager and OpenIV.ASI. This will give you your mods folder. Now, drag and drop RDE 3.16 into the open space on the right in OpenIV, or use package installer. ENSURE EDIT MODE IS ON! Install it into your MODS FOLDER.

    Now, once that is done. Install Scripthookv and ScripthookvDotNet. It is essential.

    Then, you need to install Dilapidated's gameconfig.xml. I have left a link here.

    Once you have downloaded it. Follow this route to the folder you need to put it in. (OpenIV)

    mods > update > update.rpf > common > data

    Then drag and drop that gameconfig.xml into there. If you scroll down and see the gameconfig, it should say Compressed; Encrypted if it's the default gameconfig, if not. Don't worry about it. Once you have done that, it should just say Compressed;. If it already says Compressed;, that means you already have installed another gameconfig. The one you drag in will overwrite the last one. So no need to worry.

    Then, load up GTA V and hop into story mode. Everything should work properly if you've followed the steps properly.

    Until 4.0 comes out, I will not be making any replies about my comment.

    sierpień 06, 2022