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    @S0M3TH1NG Mod Discontinued: Better Jester mod available from NorthwindJME
    Dinka Jester [Add-On | Extras | Tuning | Liveries | LODS] 1.2

    wrzesień 26, 2021
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    @RX8 Jayce thanks. Keep checking back for updates. I'll have more free time during the Winter months to improve older mods and upload some new ones that I have slowly worked on over the summer.

    wrzesień 21, 2020
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    @El-CaminoSS I'll look into it later when I have the time, this Covid-19 pandemic has limited my ability to get with my teammates to update any issues or create any new mods at the moment. As soon as the pandemic is calmed down enough for me and my teammates to get back together, we'll update this mod and many of my other mods with some new additions and bug fixes. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    maj 08, 2020
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    "GGCT Hello! Sorry for the delay, because of Discord It's been a while since I've been here. Yes, you can edit my vehicles converted by Dani (Just put the credits in the mod description)."

    luty 03, 2020
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    This Mod Is Reserved for future release, waiting on GCT to give me permission to share my version of a Declasse Square Box to be introduced as an upgrade version to his 550SS Model. The download will be available on 5mods, if/when GCT gives me permission to upload a new variant to his stock model.

    wrzesień 11, 2019
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    JxsonMxkxveli Twitter, Leaked Screenshots of upcoming 5mods content and builds by JxsonMxkxveli. I created a twitter page to share screenshots of upcoming build i am working on or to share patch notes on recent updates to my modded content. Link: https://twitter.com/K1NGMXKXVE71XST The 5mods mature community is more than welcome to use this model for any type of mods they are creating, it was a (personal) model that I made to enjoy in my own game, however, I had a few of my friends that wanted me to upload it and a few other different mods of mine on this website, so I thought that I would share my custom mods. enjoy and have fun, please report any issues with the model to me if you happen to find any.

    wrzesień 11, 2019
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    @Dani02 So I just sent GCT the same message I sent you, but his account say's he has not been active for 10 months. Is there a way you can get a hold of him and have him message me in forums? I have a few friends that get their mods from 5mods only and would like to upload my version of this style of truck but don't want to upset anyone in the process just to share my builds with the community. This website is too strict sometimes and when you gotta get permission from unactive users it makes the release of the content take way to long and keeps the community on a waiting list. Is there a reason why you post his mods and not your own? It can be annoying when you spend hours building something to share with a community and you gotta wait on an unactive person in order to proceed with modded content. If you can ask him if it's okay if I upload lore-friendly overhauled unofficial DLC for his models they would give them new life and i would tag him as co-creator of my overhauls and post the links to his Stock versions of the vehicles 'cause they're designed to be upgrade vehicles at Benny's Original Motor works, so when you bring the stock car there it can be upgraded to the Low rider, Dragmonster, Donks, Import or Exotic variants of the vehicles like rockstar does with their content and vehicle models. Anyways please let me know your thoughts and suggestions thanks dani. Have a good afternoon.

    wrzesień 11, 2019
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    @Dani02 Okay, it's been completely overhauled and rebuilt properly, with proper coding for the modshop and custom addons i made for it turning it into a bennies lowrider, I think the community will love it as much as i do and it was a team effort 'cause i never even seen this model before until you shared it, that's why i asked you 'cause you're the publisher of the stock version of the truck. Anyways i will try and get a hold of him if it's even possible so i can share it here on 5mods. if not email me and i can send you a link on another website if you wanna try the truck out for yourself on your GTA V sp game. Thanks again for all your hard work brining content to the GTA community. We love you bro. thanks for the information. 1luv., I also made a twitter account to share my upcoming builds and single-player content I build for my own game and GTA experience on PC. Maybe we can team up and do a split build one of these days. "cause like the raido says in Los Santos.

    It takes two to make a thing go right
    It takes two to make it outta sight.

    wrzesień 11, 2019
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    @dani02 Hey, just messaging about your Declasse 550SS, I made a low-rider version of your truck and was wondering if i could share it on 5mods, i'd tag you and your stock version as well, it's ment to be a Benny's Custom lowrider truck like the slamvan but as a classic Declasse Silver-Star Lowrider. I have a couple of screenshots i could email you first if you wanna see a preview of it. let me know thanks. if you want you can check it out on my twitter first. https://twitter.com/K1NGMXKXVE71XST/status/1171643087866798082/photo/1

    wrzesień 11, 2019
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    Impaler R/T (DragMonster) [Add-On/Modshop] v1.8
    NEW Features Included:
    Vehicle Renamed, Impaler R/T w/Badge.
    Main model switched to Apocalypse Wheels,
    Optional wheels in DLFile changed to RT Wheels.
    4 New Front Splitters.
    Sunstrips moved to "Roof" category
    Trim around the impaler was changed to chrome.
    Added 2 new wheel arch trim options.
    Fixed and reorganized exhausts.

    sierpień 29, 2019