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    i had to edit the files manualy cz an update of R* ? v2944 1.67? lasted in the date of the comment
    there is a 2nd line <dir_shadow_cascade0_scale> in all files in the read me
    the both line per files are edit 5.5000 and it work fine tested at the chop mission the walls with fences and the path

    sierpień 19, 2023
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    hi! it work as u excepted^
    can u made a file for all configs in settings/controllers run like we run KnM/Lshift ( hit the button run normal and hold run fast )
    i play it with a ctrlr elite 2 left hand and a mouse G600 right hand and for it dont confict i have to use the alt FPS config in settings/ctrlr and run like the KnM with L3 ctrlr which is a button i hate to use/broke the XBOX analogs when i full ctrlr after driving a byke an heli or submesive or chill its meh ( alt config for while driving when i brake it dont aim and FPS cz for run like if i use KnM/Lshift )
    i blabla ect but what i would like to do is it run with the controller button with any config in settings/crtlr like it run with KnM/Lshift especialy with alt configs

    sierpień 14, 2023
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    work nice and tkx for the Flying saucers but not in place for 21:9 with this mod https://fr.gta5-mods.com/misc/21-9-aspect-ratio-hud-fix and cant open the .dll with OpenIV and dunno how yet https://imgur.com/a/CC4G0b2 and the ctrlr d-pad down dont work too i use lua JM36
    !ty i hope we will have an update^

    sierpień 14, 2023