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    Niice, like what future projects, are you still planning to do an epsilon mod or a movie business mod?

    sierpień 05, 2023
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    Love your mods! Can you do a mod like this one (https://www.gtainside.com/en/gta4/mods/171324-various-pedestrian-actions/) to add variety to GTA V Peds Actions? That would be so cool!

    listopad 27, 2022
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    Yes like an install guide that would be cool

    wrzesień 03, 2022
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    Hello! Can you add a full guide for the mod like for player companion and business megapack? Thankss!

    sierpień 25, 2022
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    Hello! I want to report a bug. On my radar I see the van blip (bluee weed blip), but I cant find that van when I look for it, only the blip is visible.

    lipiec 27, 2022
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    Hello! Love your mods!! How can I access the taco mission?
    Also, I read on your discord about Solomon's movie mod! Very intriguing, what is it about ?? Thankss

    lipiec 26, 2022
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    Awesome mods!! Can I suggest a lore-friendly mod. "Movie Producer" business for Michael, to continue his story after the end of game. With cinema missions inspired by VC Cinema Business.
    -Mission to "protect the movie business": https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/Martha%27s_Mug_Shot
    -Mission to take down papparazzis who have embarassing photos of our actors, which could ruin business
    -Retrieve stolen footage from rival producers
    -Missions to bring prostitutes and drugs to the actors
    -Escort actors and protect them from psycho killers (like this mission: https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/Psycho_Killer)

    I would LOVE to have that in your lore-friendly styles. I give up my ideas, for you, you take FULL credit. I only want the chance to continue playing the GTA 5 story in the lore-friendly way you do it.

    lipiec 19, 2022
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    Amazing idea with great potential for replayability! A much needed mod! Music is amazing, adds much tension to the missions..

    But it is not perfect yet, it just needs some bug fixes to be the perfect mod:
    -In some missions (like The Maze Bank Tower Mission), the FIB turns against you even if you use no wanted trainer.
    -I read that you want to do your own interior markers, removing the need for scripts like OAI or EAI. A great great idea that will make the mod self-sufficient and easier to install and enjoy.

    lipiec 11, 2022
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    Looks great! I'm looking forward for the next updates.

    grudzień 08, 2020