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    "IMPORTANT FOR DLC WORK CORRECTLY AND GAME DON'T CRASH!!!" is what it says, telling people to then click the adbait links to earn money. DLC works fine and game doesn't crash, without the adbaiting links. I don't know how you are allowed to get away with that to be honest, it's just a lie.

    220,000+ polys and no LODs
    Interior textures aren't that good.
    Interior mapping is poor in some places, most noticeable on the cyan alcantra38 texture.
    Holes in the ends of the open doors that you can see through.
    Tyre textures are reversed
    Parts of the model disappears in FPV because the head is too near the roof.
    Knees are in the dash because the seat is in the incorrect position.
    Hands are *almost* on the wheel but the wheel passes through the lower thumbs.

    logolante - black texture with a small logo in the middle, 2048x2048
    logolante normal map - same 2048x2048
    No excuse for that size texture with so little detail, split the mesh, map sections to smaller textures, use UV-tiling where necessary.

    Sans titre 1 - solid red square 2048x2048
    No reason for solid colours to be anywhere near that size. That will decompress into 2048x2048 texture memory, which is an unacceptable waste of texture memory.

    cligno transp - 2000x2000 solid, semi-transparent beige square (NPOT texture as well as being too big)
    480002830 - 540x520 (NPOT texture)
    NPOT textures decompress into the next power-of-two size up, so that 540x520 texture will use 1024x1024 texture memory, which is wasteful for no good reason.... resize and remap accordingly. There are plenty of modelling and texture tutorials on the net if you don't understand how to properly use textures and UV mapping in an optimal fashion.

    I am not even convinced all the textures in the ytd are used on the model.

    Data Files:
    vehicles.rpf is over 66MB because you didn't defrag it. Defrags to 16MB, defragging mod files is your responsibility.
    carcols.meta defines a modkit (135_bdivo_modkit) but carvariations.meta says "0_default_modkit"
    Empty "bdivo_mods.rpf" file
    Car spawns, spins and slides because the handling data is not very good. I know the game *can* make cars slide but this is just outrageous, it's like spawning a merry-go-round. And steering lock 50, seriously, on a Bugatti? LOL

    When you criticise other modder's work, yours had better be perfect, this is far from it. This is probably the most verbose set of feedback comments you're ever likely to get, because I know what I am talking about with regards models, textures and general game data files. So all feedback rules (and guidelines) have been adhered to with regards to justifiably low ratings. Bad mods affect people's game stability and people don't deserve an unstable game, especially with your clictune links scam.

    If you fix everything, I will amend the rating accordingly. As it stands, I think 2.5 stars is generous. I only get chance to visit the site on rare occasions, so *if* you fix anything, it might take a week or so before I get to see and change the rating.

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    wrzesień 09, 2018
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    @Derpy-Canadian ;D Your mod comments resulted in a moderator enforcing rules that do not exist. There is no rule stating anything less than 5 stars must have justifiable constructive feedback. When moderators become liars in order to manipulate ratings, people wil get annoyed and a backlash will ensue. Your mod was the unfortunate catalyst.

    Zero integrity from those who should remain honest and unbiased has consequences. The site is losing respect by the bucket-load, it's a very sad sight to see. If the previous owner were deceased, he would be spiralling in his grave... sadly, he can see it happening before his eyes. I hope he doesn't come here now to see this. He doesn't deserve this legacy. :(

    sierpień 19, 2018
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    Nice mod, would be cool if the body coloured running boards came back as an option. They were a common addition to customised versions of this car and they look good too.

    sierpień 18, 2018
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    Cool idea, saves people dying in the water... cos water always kills right? ;) I look forward to your future creations with bated breath. How about fading the screen out and letting it stay black? Call it "No Gameplay". Removing all peds, vehicles and props would be cool too. 5 star worthy for sure, like this mod.

    sierpień 18, 2018
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    @MrDK Did you read it? Your read me says TS, your vehicles.meta says p90d and your model is called modelxup. None of it matches and you're the one getting stroppy with people. I suggest you get your model and attitude in order before you take it out on the users. You people are hilarious, and you want money for doing this. SMH

    lipiec 07, 2018
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    @INSANOGAMES I didn't question your right to share this model, I was just making sure people weren't confusing you with a real ped creator, but what about the ones you are sharing on Google Drive, do you have a right to share those? Or doesn't this site care about that now? You used to have to link to the creator's page.

    czerwiec 09, 2018
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    @swanseaboy01 This guy doesn't create peds, he just retextures them. Rarefacer created this ped and the others are mainly by alex189. If you look at this guys YouTube channel, it's just full of 10 minute texture mods on peds that took the real creators days to create. This Ped is good because @Rarefacer is one of the best modders on the site... credit where it's due.

    maj 31, 2018
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    @Stellasin NPOT = Not power of two. So 256x512 or 512x512, that kind of thing. If textures are NPOT, the GPU will have to convert them, so like plug-welds-finished is 156x144 but the GPU will create a 256x256 texture for that. So they can use more VRAM than you expect and can cause other issues as well. You have a couple at 480x480 which are close, but the 600x600 ones will end up as 1024x1024. It's just stuff I notice from doing textures most of the time LOL, you get crazy numbers on the brain. :)

    maj 31, 2018
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    Great mod, one of the best "classics" on the site. Just keep an eye on your texture sizes, a couple of NPOT textures are appearing. Great job though, well earned 5 stars.

    maj 29, 2018