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    I should add on to my previous comment; the ped I tried spawning was not on any list of peds on the menu, it's a ped model added with the Cayo Perico update "a_f_y_beach_02".

    Regardless, even trying to use custom input with any ped will cause my game to crash. But not before it gives me the same error as above the first time.

    październik 27, 2021
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    Recently got this menu for GTA V, been using it for over a year with RDR2. Trying to spawn peds thru Spawner>Peds >Custom Input gives me the following error:

    Run Time: 01:32 (Different sometimes)
    Code: 0xC00000FD
    At: 00007FFDE027A020

    When I try to do it again right after, my game crashes.

    październik 27, 2021
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    Thank you for creating this mod. Despite numerous issues that practically make it unusable, with a bit more polishing and time I see a lot of potential for this mod in the future. I know from first-hand experience how stressful uni life is and I wish you all the best with your studies!

    październik 27, 2021