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    @popycok There might be, but I'm not sure how to do it. Also, I don't have a shield to test it. Sorry!

    czerwiec 08, 2016
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    @17Nika17 Thanks, glad you enjoyed! :D

    kwiecień 20, 2016
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    @b0bbbo You're fine, the portals are supposed to be blue and grey. I made it that because I was using props that already existed in the game (blue and grey exercise balls), and thought it would be too much of a hassle to add a texture file just for an orange exercise ball. Also, the momentum is kept fairly well, but when running, yes, there are some hiccups. Thanks for the comment. :D

    listopad 29, 2015
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    Komentarz przypięty

    I just uploaded an updated version, fixing the broken crosshairs and the moon. The controls for the moon are a bit awkward, but you can bind it to any key you like. Enjoy!

    październik 31, 2015
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    I am aware that there are some major bugs right now (the crosshairs are off center and shooting the moon does not work). Until I update it, you can delete the .png files in the PortalResources folder if you want to remove the crosshairs, and for the moon, you can shoot in random places in the night sky to try to get it (it's pretty fun if you get it working). I will try to get an update to fix these bugs this weekend. Thanks!

    październik 28, 2015
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    @RussellX3 Yes, actually, it would be pretty simple (assuming that I could find the exercise ball texture in openiv), but it's a small difference that would take extra setup on the user's part. I don't think it's worth adding.

    październik 21, 2015
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    @bionic343 Shit I put the wrong file up. Thanks for telling me, I'll put the right file up in a second!

    październik 18, 2015
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    @Dubmosphere I was a bit busy this weekend and wasn't able to update it. If you want to update it, that would be great! The download gives you a .cs file, which is the source. Send me an email at alexander.shortt@gmail.com once you're done. Thanks so much! :D

    październik 05, 2015
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    @Dubmosphere Thanks for bringing this to my attention! I'll try to update it this weekend, but if I don't, feel free do do it yourself and I will definitely give you credit! :D

    październik 02, 2015
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    @XPLOS1VE-1 No, sorry, I don't know much about maynoo. If other .net mods don't work either, then it's a problem with menyoo, not my mod.

    wrzesień 03, 2015