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  • Gtav76

    Does it have any issue with another working mod like "Better Chase+"?
    I just wanted to validate, because the arrest warrant and wanted stars keep appearing while I'm being arrested on the cage.
    I've tried this mod and it's great, anyway.

    czerwiec 22, 2021
  • Gtav76

    I have an issue when I bought properties in several building and/or safehouse around rockford hills, the character just fall down to the blue hell and accidently landed to another block. somebody could help me to figure it out?

    marzec 01, 2018
  • Gtav76

    This mod is a dope, man. Appreciate it. Leveling system much better by unlock things. Police bust as well. I still stuck on level 5 to gain more bucks from selling dope around LS. it might be cool if player could bribe the law for several minutes to get an 'access' selling drugs around LS area and player could travel to specific area to buy specific drugs from the source with the lowest price* (I just got inspired by american gangster 2007 film), so player could gain more profit around LS street.
    But unfortunately, it haven't updated yet since 2015.

    Anyone here know, what kind of tools that I need to modify the mod script?

    luty 25, 2018
  • Gtav76

    I installed this mod approx. 3 days ago. This mod work properly on me. but I just found several glitch while rob Fleeca Bank (circle dollar icon).
    1. Several Fleeca Bank front door just cannot be access. But peds and guards are inside the bank. Not all Fleeca Bank cannot be access, one or two of 'em can be accessed after mod loaded.
    2. When I bring my crew that I hire (from redhouse mod) to go inside the bank, they're gone when I finish raid the vault, exactly after cutscene triggered. This also happened when I bring them out from after I raid the vault Union Depository, since there's no direct front door just like Fleeca Bank, Pacific Standard, etc in Union Depository.

    Anyone here (or author) could help me to figure it out??

    But overall, this mod is a dope (by combining Drug Trafficking Mod & Redhouse Mod) for me to role-play the character in GTAV as criminal xD

    luty 25, 2018