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  • Gtao54

    @sezbulent Hey, sorry but I don't know how to work GitHub at all so creating "merge requests" may as well be magic for me.
    I've took great care to explain step by step and in great detail what I modified in the EnhancedTaxiMissions.vb to make it all work so if you have a moment just read through it and follow along.
    Sorry I can't be of much more help but I'm not at all familiar with how GitHub works except on how to download releases from it

    marzec 12, 2022
  • Gtao54

    I've actually played around with the code and managed to modify it so that it lets you configure minimum distance in the config file!

    If you want to add it to the mod as a feature or if anyone else wants to modify their own file, here is how I did it:

    In the EnhancedTaxiMissions.ini:
    1. Add "MINDISTANCE=450" under [SETTINGS] (450 is default, it seems to be about half a mile, highest distances I've seen while experimenting and debugging are around 5000-6000 range, 3000-4000 seems like a good low limit for longer journeys)

    In the EnhancedTaxiMissions.vb:
    1. Define new public variable (good place to do so is around line 1285):
    Public MinDistance = 450
    2. In the LoadSettings function (around Line 1517) add:
    value = Settings.GetValue("SETTINGS", "MINDISTANCE")
    MinDistance = CInt(value)
    3. In SelectValidDestination function, on line 3439:
    Loop While Origin.Name = Destination.Name Or distance < 450 Or Origin.isValidDestination = False
    Change the pre-defined "450" value to use our new variable instead:
    Loop While Origin.Name = Destination.Name Or distance < MinDistance Or Origin.isValidDestination = False
    Now while generating the route the function will keep rolling destinations until the generated one is far enough!
    The last thing standing in our way is that by default the loop which rolls destinations is limited to 10 rolls before it gives up which is not enough when looking for longer distances like 4000 or more so:
    4. In SelectValidDestination function, on line 3433:
    If c > 10 Then
    Replace the 10 with 100:
    If c > 100 Then
    In my testing I've always managed to get a far enough destination in under 100 attempts and the loop is very quick so there are no lags or freezes while it looks for destinations.

    marzec 03, 2022
  • Gtao54

    Best mod ever! This plus cruise control mod for driving around LS is the ultimate chill simulator!
    Thank you for continuing it @sezbulent
    Would you be able to add a feature/configuration that let's you choose minimum trip distance? Sometimes I'd like to make longer trips like from the city to Sandy Shores but by default we just get a lot of trips that only take us around the city.

    The simple way of doing this that I can think of is to add an optional variable "mindistance" that could be set in the ini, then when the script "rolls" a route for the next trip, it keeps rolling until it gets one that's higher than the "mindistance" var

    marzec 03, 2022
  • Gtao54

    Best mod ever! This plus cruise control mod for driving around LS is the ultimate chill simulator!

    marzec 03, 2022
  • Gtao54

    I can't remove or edit the previous comment but suddenly the controls are working fine again! So disregard the above comment when it comes to controls not working part! :)

    Changed rating to 5 stars because this is a high quality cruise control mod that makes chilling cruising around LS an amazing experience!

    marzec 03, 2022
  • Gtao54

    Amazing mod but suddenly the increase/decrease speed limit controller keys stopped working.
    It's weird because when you rebind them the mod detects the LS up and LS down keys being pressed but it won't do anything when those keys are pressed.
    It gets even weirder because the A key on controller works to disable/enable cruise control but if you rebind speed limit up button to A (which works fine for activate/disactivate) it won't work for activating that function but it works for the other one.

    I even reinstalled the GTA and added only this mod and still same issue.

    The ghetto solution I've found for this is to use Antimicro which is a free portable utility that binds controller input to keyboard presses so I have it set up so that when I press LS up on my controller, it triggers Numpad 8 on my keyboard so this is the workaround that I'm going with.

    Other than this issue I have to say this is a great mod. I love just cruising around using this and enhanced taxi missions mod, makes for a very pleasant ride :)

    marzec 03, 2022