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  • 9dd6b6 probahardver ikon3

    Can this thing somehow be set to not lock the camera when I'm selecting peds in the in-game menu? 🤔

    4 dni temu
  • 9dd6b6 probahardver ikon3

    @Alex_Hornet Can you show a screenshot with the new yellow artificial glow to see how it supposed to look like?
    I don't know if my game is compensating the lights too much which "eliminating" the glow or what... 🤔 I literally can't see it.

    4 dni temu
  • 9dd6b6 probahardver ikon3

    ⚠️ At changing in-game time, when an incorrect/incomplete time format is in the input field when "return" key is pressed, the game is freeze-crash instantly! Be careful...

    6 dni temu
  • 9dd6b6 probahardver ikon3
  • 9dd6b6 probahardver ikon3

    @KateShanahan There's no result for that on this website. Where can I found that torso?

    9 dni temu
  • 9dd6b6 probahardver ikon3

    All torsos are badly clipping trough this top! 😶 What am I supposed to use this with??

    10 dni temu
  • 9dd6b6 probahardver ikon3
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    ‣ Weather: Extra Sunny ‒ without artificial glow, 1.7e version
    • At 07:00AM it seems there's more light (than before), the horizon is more bluer, sharper shadows, lights are off.
    • At noon it looks like a hot summer day, there's shadows despite the sun is directly above. ☀
    • At 18:00 (06:00PM) it starts to get a gentle sunset-ish hue.
    • At 19:00 (07:00PM) that's the most saturated orange sunset what I've seen yet, the whole world is so orange! 😯
    • At 20:00 (08:00PM) the sky is orange only where the sun is, the world gets a "violet" hue with the lights on.
    • At 22:00 (10:00PM) strong purple hue, feels kinda unnatural, isn't it? 🙄
    • At midnight (00:00) where no lights I barely can see myself, lights are so contrasty in the dark. ☾
    ○ There's a halo effect around (brighter) lights or that's just my monitor?
    • Basically almost no changes until 05:00AM when bluish early morning hue starts to appear, the Moon is still up.
    • At 06:00AM lights are still on (barely visible), Moon disappeared, sunrise in the horizon, feels fresh.

    kwiecień 08, 2024
  • 9dd6b6 probahardver ikon3

    @Alex_Hornet Oh, thanks. Since I'm using another mod ("advanced streetlights free") to modify the color of streetlights, I choose the one without the glow.

    kwiecień 05, 2024
  • 9dd6b6 probahardver ikon3

    @Alex_Hornet Can you show a screenshot of the "extrasunny" weather with the artificial glow at night, please?

    kwiecień 04, 2024
  • 9dd6b6 probahardver ikon3

    @CitizenSmith Meanwhile I'll keep version 53 of this trainer instead, at least (currently) it's the last working one for me ‒ I don't want to risk loosing anything. 😑 If an update happens in the future I'll give that version a try, but until then I'm done messing with this. 🔚

    kwiecień 04, 2024