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    Hello, even with the new update does not replace weapons work from the "mods" folder. Only affecting root files! please I need help! thanks!

    styczeń 02, 2016
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    Hello is possible that this version is not possible to customize the weapons? I use the "mods" folder can not get to work !. Thanks for the help

    styczeń 01, 2016
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    hello is possible that no weapon works using the '' mods' folder? So far three attempts and did not work any weapon! Thanks for the help

    styczeń 01, 2016
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    I understand that the range depends on the script ZiDevs' !.
    The problem is that to use command "admin" have to assign it to RLD! then all become administrators.
    I want to use commands AdminTools.dll.
    / tp [Player Name]
    / godmode [Player Name]
    / weather [Weather ID]
    / time [hours]: [minutes]
    / kill [Player Name]
    / ban [Player Name] [Reason]
    / kick [Player Name] [Reason]
    / register [Password]
    / login [Password]
    / logout
    / countdown
    To assign me in Accounts.xml range "administrator" ALL RLD! become administrators !.
    Sorry for not explaining well !.
    Naturally I speak Spanish.
    Thank you for responding forever! Excellent your work

    grudzień 09, 2015
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    Hi! Accounts.xml does not save the passwords assigned by users, all automatically

    Then the server RLD include all players! (user name).They look good in the chat server.
    The problem is this: I also figured RLD! for that reason I can not editarme my account as "administrator" or "owner" because all users have this rank (applies to all RLD!).
    Inlusive creating a password "RLD" initial decision not !.
    Please I need help! Thank you

    I clarify that I try to add wing list! my public name with a password! and does not allow me to connect! (will have to see I'm on the same network) Thanks

    grudzień 09, 2015
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    I can not resolve the name issue, at the root of GTAV scriptsGTACOOPSettings.xml "applies the public name".
    Within the Scripts caperta change GTACOOPSettings.xml although RLD! still appears when I connect to my server.
    When I connect to other servers using the name scriptsGTACOOPSettings.xml

    Please help.

    grudzień 09, 2015
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    Hello great advances mod !, some questions:
    One-upgrade from v0.6 does not work the name change. even generates scriptsGTACOOPSettings file in the root of GTAV and not within Scripts.
    2-When using the / register on my server not save the specified password. to modify it manually then not accepted as valid.
    3-is normal that the server has an excessive consumption of processed? 25% in a sixcore.
    Thank you for your help!

    grudzień 08, 2015
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    Hi, may in future updates change the activation key F9 to culquier other please ?. Thank you

    grudzień 02, 2015
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    sory my english !, but totally grateful for share similar MOD, it is perfect! and have a better future! Cheers

    grudzień 02, 2015
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    @Ect0 thank you! perfect.
    I register me add another question on the web but I do not get the activation email both gmail / hotmail is normal to take longer than 2 hours?
    Thank you very much again

    grudzień 01, 2015