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    An almost amazing modernized trainer for this game. Almost everything seems to work as intended that I've tested but one of most annoying bugs is most options available to assign a hotkey do NOT save once a saved game is reloaded. Some hotkeys seem to save like god mode or cops ignore player, but other ones I have tried like clean ped, repair vehicle, heal, airwalk, open all car doors, etc. don't keep the hotkey once a game is reloaded. I have tried different hotkeys for these options and it didn't make a difference. Using the "save hotkey config" and "save settings" options in the menu just don't seem to do anything. I have even tried to manually add the hotkeys in the .json files, but once I load a game, they get erased/overwritten to the defaults.

    Any game settings like showing in-game clock and speedometer don't save once you exit game and come back. I have tried deleting the entire RampageFiles folder, but it didn't make any difference for these bugs.

    Another bug I've noticed is vehicle headlights don't work once you load a saved car with the in-game "Save xml vehicle" option. You have to spawn a new vehicle for the headlights to work again, but you also have to re-customize it again.

    Hope these get looked into/fixed in the future. Otherwise, great job on it.

    czerwiec 25, 2021