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  • A17f44 ermgerd profile pic

    may we have a moment to say fuck take-two, they have ruined the modding scene just for the micro transactions.

    czerwiec 15, 2017
  • A17f44 ermgerd profile pic

    @Vac Efron I've never used avira before, my recommendation is to look up how to disable it, also as for good anti-virus software I personally use malwarebytes.

    kwiecień 23, 2017
  • A17f44 ermgerd profile pic

    online bug has been fixed in the newest version. Rejoice!

    kwiecień 22, 2017
  • A17f44 ermgerd profile pic

    So turns out that I had forgot to disable dinput8.dll, update should be coming out soon. Sorry for any inconvenience.

    kwiecień 13, 2017
  • A17f44 ermgerd profile pic

    So I have recently got a message in GTA saying that I have an altered version of the game so I can't play online, I will do a check on this and update the program if needed. Sorry if there has been any problems, if you do have this problem please send me a message about it.

    kwiecień 08, 2017
  • A17f44 ermgerd profile pic

    @KiLLSwitchxX check the common errors in the description

    marzec 18, 2017
  • A17f44 ermgerd profile pic

    @sora lanchinng the game from the program does not work yet. @caberot I am assuming you are clicking enable mods instead of disable mods, if you click disable mods it should not come up with this error. I might add a feature so it detects if the mods are enabled or disabled to prevent this from being an issue in the future.

    marzec 08, 2017
  • A17f44 ermgerd profile pic

    hey guys just wanted to say a massive thank you for 30k downloads! thanks for all the support and I will continue to update the application as much as I can and hopefully move on to other projects

    luty 05, 2017
  • A17f44 ermgerd profile pic

    @Frazzlee it's there because I wanted people to know that when disabling scripthook it will disable dot net as well. Thanks for mentioning this though!

    luty 03, 2017
  • A17f44 ermgerd profile pic

    Gonna be making a new version of this program. This will include built in links for the required files as well as some other changes. This program will be completely remade in C# since I have began to have more experience in that programming language. No guarantees but hopefully I will release it. I also understand that alot of other people have been making other versions of this concept and I am perfectly ok with this. This is no longer designed to compete against these better versions but as more of a personal project that I hope will be able to help people as it has before.

    grudzień 28, 2016