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    Great work! You should certainly be the local "PREDATOR" expert. That said, I am having a problem with this ped that I have not experienced with any other ped, and that is the PREDATORS head shakes when there is a breeze in the game, or when riding/driving any kind of open style vehicle, as if its head was reacting like hair waving in the wind. Any ideas what would cause this?

    wrzesień 23, 2018
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    Ever since the latest game update the AH1Z and the AH64D stopped working for me as well, however, the older versions of those models from a couple years ago work fine, but with less weapons options. It's just a guess but maybe it has something to do with the windscreen wipers in the newer models that is creating a conflict somewhere.

    wrzesień 12, 2018
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    When I installed this mod it turned out to be a dodge ram 2500, not a dump truck.

    sierpień 18, 2018
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    adinhoa, I had the same exact problem with the Ah-64d and Ah-1Z , the only solution I had found was to download the older Ah-64d and Ah-1Z files from 2015. They spawn and fly fine but I cant get the weapons to work on the Ah-64d.

    sierpień 17, 2018