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    @BessaLius Retreat for policemen to control more what happens when shooting, but without this file, they will not understand anything. Police enter into shooting and die, but this increases the percentage of understanding, letting them change from shooting in their car and anything that can be stopped for protection

    grudzień 23, 2022
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    When I come to open the map, it does not open with me. He sits holding the map and does not want to open, but the game when I come to play it works normally only when I try to access the map, it sits loaded without use and does not open, I must exit the game and come back again

    czerwiec 20, 2022
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    @jogbot500 Yes, it is possible to work with the police mod, and it can also work without it, meaning you can install it without the police mod and you can install it with the police mod, but with the police mod it will be better

    marzec 06, 2022
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    luty 28, 2022